let's create an adventure

 from accounting to art

In 2010 I graduated from college with an accounting degree. In 2014 I decided to compile my lifelong passion of art and photography into this website, "EpicQuests4Crafts." At the beginning of 2019, I stepped away from my full-time accounting career to go part-time so I could better pursue and develop my passion for art and photography.     

"i have no idea what i'm doing"

Up until this year, art was always my "hobby" so I spent my free time learning any craft I wanted. Jewelry-making, pottery, mural-painting, digital art, photography... there are very few crafts I haven't tried! 

I love color

People are amazing. Of the 7 BILLION people that live in this world, nobody is the same. Through my photography, I work to capture that uniqueness that make you such an interesting person or family.  

I love new challenges 

When there's a new mountain, I climb it. When there's a new restaurant, I try it. When there's a new art class, I take it, and when there's a new photography technique, I learn it.

I want to share my love of color and adventure with you, to create exactly what you need to show the world your true colors... you are too amazing to keep them hidden! I love new and exciting photography opportunities, but also love sharing my handmade products, which are currently focused on wear-ables (bracelets and necklaces), and artistic expressions like wall prints, pottery and other home decor!   

If you have any questions or are interested in working with me on a project, I would love to hear from you!

Got a question or suggestion? Send me an email!